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P.E.W. is a Top Down, Twin Stick Shooter with a realistic artstyle in which you visit an alien planet. Slay the creatures with your laser weapons and conquer the planet!

Core features

The players can shoot enemies to kill them so they can progress further. Besides shooting the enemies the players can also accidentally shoot themselves so they have to be careful that no other player stands in their line of fire.
There are two types of enemies that the players can encounter.
- The Meele Sprinter which sprints at the first player it sees and attacks it until either the player or it is dead.
- The Long Range shooter which targets the first player it sees and attacks from a safe distance by shooting acid from its mouth
Deployment and Extraction:
Deployment is the way the players embark on the mission, they will beam down to the surface of the planet and clear their mission goals. The last step of every mission is to get back to the mothership safely, which is done by finding or placing an antenna. If the antenna must be placed the players also have to defend the antenna while it builds up energy (does not apply if the antenna is already built).

Additional Features

Two weapon types:
The players have the choice between two weapons in the mothership.
- The SMG is a high fire rate type weapon which deals a low amount of damage for every bullet but can shoot many.
- The Shotgun shoots three bullets at once which deal high damage but can’t be shot as often and as fast as the SMG.
The mothership functions as an interactive menu where players can test out the controls,
Choose weapons, access a tutorial area, gain knowledge of the mission and embark on that mission.


Production: Raoul Seresse Game Design: Max Raabe
Level Design: Vicky Hohmuth
Lead Artist: Dennis Alp
Artist: Caterina Wölfle
Artist: Manuela Obrist
Sound: Benjamin Feder
Programming: Maxi Karnstedt


0.4.33 (2).rar 256 MB

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